25 Ducks 2020 Nomination Form

25 Ducks Nominator Form

The 25 Ducks Award is the ONLY campus award that allows alumni, faculty/staff AND students to nominate possible recipients. We are taking less pressure off of nominators when completing the form and allowing nominees the opportunity to share more about themselves in the application. The award is to recognize students who excel in one or more of the following categories:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Campus Involvement
  • Community Impact
  • Leadership
  • Service

Qualifications to be nominated:

  1. Must be a CURRENT Junior or Senior (4th/5th year)
  2. Must meet University academic standing

3 Step Process:

  1. Completion of the Nominator Form
  2. Nominees will be notified via email about their nomination.
  3. Nominees will be asked to complete the 25 Ducks Award application to learn more about their achievements and themselves.